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Who We Are

Fugenic Power Solutions

FUGENIC Power Solutions serves its customers in the space of Construction, Mining, Agriculture and Automotive Products. Business Verticals-Engineering Services, Electronics Services, Manufacturing Services and Product development Supporting Engineering Customers from Fortune 500 list - Leading OEM's Over 300+ people operating out of our India delivery centers and customer locations Strong proven leadership with good domain expertise Innovative and quality service provider by adding value to customers through our engineering Services strength Navigation and Security Systems
Successful implementations :

  • Street Light Automation in AP across 5 municipalities
  • Pump automation with Railways and Irrigation Department
  • Navigation & Vehicle traffic Management with Railways
  • Our History

    •  2015
      >iLamps were installed in:Nellimarla, Vizianagaram district, AP
      New Products Launched:
      >Life - Live Information Feed in Emergency, ambulance and telemedicine enabling mechanism
      >Prepaid meter - Most of the meters currently installed all over the world are post paid meters, electricity is supplied first and the bill collected next. But now the world is adopting prepaid meters, as these reduce the collection charges, evasion of bill payment, and late payment. With the prepaid meters, the electricity gets cut-off on fully availing the electricity they have requested. Current system of prepaid are card based, where the details are fed on to the card and the card is inserted on to the meter. Our system replaces the card with server syncing of the meter. The user can simply buy units on the web or through an app and the same is immediately reflected in the meter.
      >Display Technology - This is technology we believe soon advertise personalized ads. But for now, this is a hyper local ads, being presented to the consumers. This mechanism, allows, screens to present advertisements of the local merchants to the local consumers, in a location based ad mechanism. The merchants will be allowed to choose which screens to present the ad on, at what time and in what frequency. The merchant is in full control of the contents of the ad, and the screen to be presented on. All this he can do now from the comfort of his shop either through internet enabled computer or net connected smartphone app
    •  2014
    • >iLamps were installed in: Proddatur, Cuddapah district, AP- with dimming Khammam, Khammam district, AP Eluru, West Godavari district, AP
      >Staffing started
      >Embedded services started
    •  2013
    • >Fugenic Power Solutions incorporated.AMS, attendance management system is launched
      >Biometric Devices installed in East Godavari district
      >Moved to the new premises in Banjara Hills.