JOOSA - Multipurpose Template


Imagine a business scenario wherein a small time fertilizer dealer sitting in a remote town/village keeps receiving information, that's dynamic, on a real time basis, and in local dialect, on new product release's/price change's/new catalogues release/farmer education program capsules etc, all over the LED screen placed at his outlet, which is triggered from a central location, that could have a positive surge on his sales.The amount of mileage it lends both organizations as well as individual business owners in bringing in cost and operational efficiencies is incredible.


Now, consider the other side of it..a retail store in a big time shopping mall being able to push a video teaser about their on-going in-store discounts for it to be flashed on the strategically located media screens in the mall that could instantaneously increase footfalls in their store and drive sales volumes.Besides, this could exponentially impact the OOH(out of home) media at a macro level in terms of OPTIMISED Ad Monetization. That's precisely the response - "WOW" that our product brings to the table considering its ubiquitous applicability across different business scenarios.

USP's of WOW !!

  • Dynamic content Upload from central location
  • Flexibility of using Vernacular/local dialect
  • LBS(Location Based Service) in its truest form
  • Availability of User Controlled and User Defined content push model
  • Content Upload via Multiple communication media-4G/3G/GPRS/WIFI/SMS

Likely list of industries for use case scenarios:

  • Retail stores
  • Dealer Network
  • Franchisee network
  • Hospitals
  • Malls
  • Public Information Systems
  • Airports