JOOSA - Multipurpose Template

An innovative model that gives a whole new meaning to prepaid metering combining the renewable source of solar energy and the conventional source of electricity.

A centralized array of solar panels erected on top of an commercial or residential establishment aggregates the solar energy and converts it to DC electricity. This continuous stream of energy post conversion to AC Electricity via an Inverter, can either be directly supplied as a full time source or can be stored as a SURPLUS POWER BANK powered on batteries. This works as an on-demand supply upon outage of regular source of electricity or during nights on a PREPAID model.

Each household would be equipped with a prepaid smart meter that would be recharged upon OTA(over the air) request via mobile app or web page. The centralized control station upon request recharges the user account to the tune of the recharge amount requested.

Alternatively the user can purchase bulk energy credit from Power bank, and the same would be loaded onto the respective prepaid smart meter for immediate usage.

The centralized server is a robust set up that has built in capability of continuous monitoring,controlling and alerting on capacity overloads, meter level consumption reports enabling user level control on the usage. True to its character it has the capacity to alert any malfunction and can be shut down either manually or automatically.

Based on GSM and GPRS network as the communication medium this allows for installation in any place where GSM/GPRS signal is enabled.