JOOSA - Multipurpose Template

Fugenic Smart Meter is an efficient energy management solution that enables real time monitoring of the energy utilization at the micro level there by allowing the administrator to have full control of the overall utilization by scheduling/tasking the consumption based on time.

A simple, user friendly web based tool gives exhaustive data of consumption patterns indicating the areas of control allowing for the optimized utilization of energy. This in turn results in huge cost efficiencies for an organization by completely automating the process resulting in accuracy and better management of energy.

In terms of technology FSM has Layered architecture that provides an integrated communications solution coupled with head-end software to provide a complete metering, billing utilities


  • Electronic measurements of power consumption thats accurate.
  • Supports Single phase,3-phase, 80- 440V AC 50/60Hz.
  • Fully automated and easier deployment
  • Two way Real Time communication (GSM/GPRS).
  • Automatic Bill generation and notification as per various Tariff Plans.
  • Provision to store 1 year history of billing information.
  • Ease of operation- latest 3 months bills could be retrieved just by sending aan SMS to the meter unit with the consumer number.
  • Automatic generation of various reports like billing, peak load , consumption chart, fluctuations report etc. . The report can be generated house/unit wise, area wise.
  • Zero scope for Human errors
  • Based on GSM, this enables deployment even in rural/ Agricultural zones.