JOOSA - Multipurpose Template


Picture a typical medical emergency scenario, an ambulance picks up the patient from the spot of illness/injury, reaches the hospital, the admission process takes place and the patient is finally administered treatment upon completion of the generic process (admission/Triage etc).

A close look into this whole process, has 3 stages to it-

1.Onset of illness/Injury-The stage of seeking care

2.The time taken for the ambulance to reach the hospital from the spot of illness/injury-Mobilization

3.The time taken at the hospital to complete the process of admission/TRIAGE to the actual state of in hospital definitive care-Receiving appropriate care

While the first 2 stages are something that’s beyond anybody’s control considering the dynamics in each country, the 3rd stage is the most critical one and the one if it can be minimized to whatever extent possible can be the game changer in terms of saving precious lives of people.

It is said that "the flipside of a problem is an opportunity" and we @ Fugenic strongly believe in it to have worked at putting our strong IOT expertise for an opportunity to save lives.

"Life" - Live
Feed in

AN IOT based SMART platform which can feed live information(text, pictures and even videos) in real time from the ambulance to the HIS(Hospital Information System) server at the hospital thru wireless network.

    Pictorial representation of the "LIFE" IOT Platform :

As per ASIRT(Association for Safe International Road Travel) statistics:

  • About 1.3 million people die globally due to road crashes every year, that’s a staggering 3287 deaths/day.
  • An additional 20-50 million are either injured/dis-abled.
  • 9th leading cause of death globally.
  • About 17.3 million due to CVD’s
  • 1st leading cause of deaths globally

Considering the above stats, LIFE IOT Platform lends effectiveness on below parameters:

Speed: Direct treatment and right treatment of the patient upon arrival at the hospital as the admission process is completed enroute and the live pics/video feed triggers triage as an immediate action item. As a result, the hospital emergency care team is absolutely ready with the appropriate treatment without any further delay.

Accuracy: Live feed of information enables the doctors sufficient time to study and arrive at the right treatment methodology thereby reducing the scope for improper treatment and/or medical errors (3rd leading cause of deaths in USA..Courtesy Journal of Patient Safety-2014) that could happen in times of urgency.

Efficiency: GPS tracking enables the doctors to be aware of the location of the ambulance and make an informed decision of routing it to a specialist doctor in another hospital if need be