JOOSA - Multipurpose Template

Integrated Light Automation and Power Saving System

Street Light automation systems which can deliver a savings beyond 50%. Automation of the Street light Management results in remote monitoring and controlling this activity of operation result in to huge energy savings and manpower.


(1) Is physically attached to the street lights as described in the above diagram. Each control unit communicates to the cellular tower (2) using the GPRS based wireless communication. A cellular tower in turn communicates to a server (3) which could be located anywhere in the world. The users (4) can login into the server using internet from anywhere in the world to have information access about the street lights. Data is exchanged in XML format which is an international data communication standard throughout the world.

  • Components


    1.Feeder box

    The feeder box is designed keeping safety in mind. It is manufactured with a proven FRP material which has no resale value and minimizes theft. FRP is a proven material and is being used in several industries like railways, Air-Transport and Marine industries hence this material demand it to be weather proof and fire proof. The feeder comes with a default option of manual fail over switch gear and is this is useful when there is a power failure in a particular phase. As a default the feeder box comes with fuses, Terminal strips and MCB fitted to it. The feeder box also comes with a bus bar system that improves safety when any technician is handling it.

    2. Control unit:

    The control unit is used to control and monitor the health status of each feeder box (feeder pillar box). The Control unit is physically installed in the remote location inside the Feeder box. The Control unit is used to control and monitor the street lights physically attached to it. It is built on a modular approach keeping ‘easy maintenance’ in mind. The command for control can be only authorized personnel from online software.

    3. Dimmer:

    Dimmer unit is an auto transformer based dimmer used to regulate the voltage in the system. Regulating voltage encourages the bulb to use lesser current and hence energy can be saved. This is particularly is useful when the voltage is very high in the system. Dimmer is usually active throughout the day however the energy is saved only during night time when lights are switched ON. If implemented carefully the Dimmer unit offers decent savings during off peak hours in the night, which results in overall savings



    GSM/GPRS is a proven technology and is tested thoroughly

    GPRS is readily available with most cellular operators in the world


    Online software -browser based

    Street Light System can be operated from any normal PC browser.

    Key Features

    • Configuration of settings for lights ON/OFF, Alternative lighting pattern.
    • Remotely monitor status of the switching point (feeder boxes) and control units.
    • Generate specific reports based on switching point (feeder box) or employee.