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Embedded Services

Fugenic Power Solutions

FUGENIC has extensive experience in Embedded Automotive to develop real time complex solutions for our global customers.Engineers with prior experience of working with end OEMs are being involved in all phases of the development lifecycle starting from requirements up to system testing on the target. We leverage on this experience together with good automotive system knowledge to provide end to end product solutions to our clients.
Our team has the expertise to understand complex automotive requirements and undertake projects in the areas of ECU software, AUTOSAR, Diagnostics, in-vehicle networking, Modeling and Simulation, and specialized last mile services.

Reverse Engineering

n the absence of clearly documented system requirements the process of reverse engineering helps in reversing an existing application and documenting system requirements from it. Fugenic provides reverse engineering services for design

Our other services include:
  • Validating models
  • Writing optimal codes from models
  • Converting existing systems in "C code" to modeling based solutions
  • Testing auto code, which has been generated by code generators
  • Developing photo realistic simulation
  • Providing interfaces to other tools - integrating to Configuration Management Systems like Continuous
  • Product Testing, Enhancement and Bug Fixes :

    Fugenic has been extensively involved in the validation and verification of software (language and model based code). Our team of experts can scale engineering processes not only to identify and remove bugs but also to provide enhancements to existing systems. Apart from that we are also adept in:

  • Developing Target Deployment Ports for specific micro-controllers and their compilers
  • HIGH level testing using tools such as PI Autosim, dSPACE and other proprietary tools
  • A range of unit testing tools such as RTRT, Hindsight, Tessy and other customer proprietary tools
  • Handling system level validation against baseline requirements
  • Experience with vehicle testing
  • Network testing using CANoe, CANalyser, CANstress and tools from Dearborn, National Instruments and ETAS
  • Manual and automated testing (including regression testing)
  • Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA)